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Thread: incline dumbell vs incline bench

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    the kid from oz
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    incline dumbell vs incline bench

    recently i changed my inclines from barbell to dumbell, i find it hits my chest a lot harder than what my barbells used to

    except every couple of weeks i stay at a mates house and have to do my chest routine there because he lives to far away from the gym....

    i have use the barbell for my inclines and find i get the best chest workout ever, then when i get back to the dumbells the next week its even better again...

    should i try and alternate between dumbell and barbell every couple of weeks? or is what i am feeling just because its different and in fact is probly doing nothing better/worse for my workout?

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    Alternate every couple of weeks.

    It's schocking your body.

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    I dont recommend inclines at all due to how much delts are recruited in the movement but thats just me. Dumbbells in my opinion work your pecs a lot better then barbells. The freeness of dumbbells allows you to get a much better contraction on each rep and really squeeze the hell outta your pecs. Just my $02.


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