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Thread: 6 months of straight lifting: changing it up

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    6 months of straight lifting: changing it up

    I have been lifting on WBB1 for 6 months (maybe a little more) straight, taking not a single week off. In this time I have gained about 17 pounds, and I just reached mainentence from what I was bulking on, so I just increased my kcals a week or 2 ago.

    What I changed with WBB1 is I started doing 3 sets of 6 reps about a month and a half ago, as opposed to the 2 sets it says, and I do ab workouts every workout day.

    I was told it was a good idea to take a week break from lifting to give my muscles a rest to get ready for the next 4-6 months. (this was my first lifting routine) So, this is ideal, right?

    Anyway, when I get back from my week off, I want to start a new routine. I got stuck in a little 3 week rut of not increasing weights, but I also was not gaining in that period because I hit maintenence.

    Is it a good idea to start a new workout routine? and if so, what are some good ones to choose from. Please note I am still bulking, but I think another 15 pounds or so and Im gonna start a cut.
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    Bulking or cutting you should lift the same.

    Do 8 reps and 4 sets and 4 excercises per group
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    That's going to be overtraining.

    Have you looked at BGB? Or maybe Starr's 5x5? Both are pretty good intermediate lifting routines. I'm on BGB myself.

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    Bill Starr's routine is a perfect transition, especially if you're just finishing up with a beginner routine and you're plateauing on your lifts. You'll smash through all these plateaus, guaranteed. The first month is pretty easy because you're only leading up to your current PR's. It'll give your body some rest, and some time to prepare it for the intense couple of months to come. Click the link in my sig if you're interested [in becoming bigger and stronger].

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    As for the break, it can be a huge benefit to take a week off,usually one week every couple months of solid lifting.
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