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Thread: Finished with BGB, need new routine.

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    Finished with BGB, need new routine.

    I've been on BGB for the past few months and after having to take several days off I've decided I need to go to 3 days a week for rest purposes. It always seemed that every few weeks I'd start lagging and overtraining. Maybe this is because I jumped into BGB with basically no prior lifting and it could have been to intense a jump. I don't know. I know I ate enough although I wasn't on a great sleeping schedule. Anyways, how does this look?

    Day 1---Back/Chest
    Deadlift 5x5
    T-Bar Row 3x8
    BB-Flat Bench 5x5
    Ab Crunches 3x12

    Day 2--Rest

    Day 3---Quads/Hams/Tris
    Squat 5x5
    Leg Press 3x8
    Dips 5x5
    Cable Pressdowns 3x10

    Day 4--Rest

    Day 5---Back/Shoulders
    Chinups 5x5--Doing jump chinups right now because can't do enough reg. ones
    Biangular Lat Pulldown 3x8
    Seated Overhead Press 5x5
    Ab Crunches 3x12

    Anyways, I'm 170 at ~20-22% BF and am now going to start cutting. Was previously eating 3400 cals and am dropping to 3000 and will gradually drop to lose .5-1lbs a week.

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    I recommend BGB again With a deloading week every 8 weeks.
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    i like WBB1 if you wanna try something else. I got effing huge on it

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    For a cut, I use the BGB bodypart arrangement, but with only the 5x5 and the 3x8. Keep the volume low, keep the workouts short and heavy, and toss in a little cardio as the cut progresses. Keep the tempos a little shorter so the time under tension is closer to strength range than hypertrophy range, but still with slow eccentrics and explosive concentrics.

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