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Thread: One arm Barbell Snatch craziness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicman531 View Post
    I don't have any bumpers, nor do I have any problem lowering the weight. It's easy enough for me to just reach and grab the bar with my off hand and slide my working hand over.
    same here

    max is a freak, THROWING that 150 lbs up!
    2000 or bust

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    I would argee with the the bumper and non-bumper plates. Make do with what you have.

    With some finesse you can drop the bar to about thigh hight and catch it before it slams to the ground. My best has been 60kg

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    Although not a lift, I found this little bit interesting. It's from a book by Alan Calvert:

    "One of the most prominent athletic clubs in Philadelphia has in its gymnasium a long-handled bar bell of 150 lbs. weight. We are informed that for a long time there were only two members of the club who could lift this bell above their head, even when they used two hands in the lifting. Some time ago a delegation of German Turners made a visit to this club and were being shown over the clubhouse by an Entertainment Committee. When they came to the gymnasium, the Germans, twelve or fifteen in number, expressed their surprise at the absence of heavy dumbbells, and one member of the committee, after some search, was able to discover and produce the 150-lb. bar-bell alluded to above. One after another the Germans stepped out of line and raised this bell above the head. Not one of them had any trouble lifting the bell with one arm. They were simply amazed when they were told that not of the 500 members in the club could perform the same feat, and they stated that a one-arm lift of 150 lbs. was a very small affair to the average German athlete."

    Just goes to show what lifts use to be done often and what poundages were used. If they consider 150 pounds light lifting with one arm! What does the gym rat of today think of that?

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    All I can say is it nice when you go to a gym and see people who know what they are doing.

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    thats crazy. he must have awesome power

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