Ok before I start I just want to say I am not one those guys that get caught up in accomplishments of others. I try to only worry about myself and improve as much as I can.

Everytime I go to the gym there is this guy that is there. He is the most huge and ripped dude i have ever seen. If I would have to guess his stats I would say 6'3- 6'4", 260-280 lbs and about 6-8% BF. I would imagine a ton of hard work would go into maintaining that physique let alone building it. But the thing is this guy is never working hard and hardly does any compound movements. He does a lot of cable work with light weight and not that many reps...the only compound work I ever saw him do was lat pull downs with a weight I would have a very easy time with for no more than 10 reps and leg press with 3 45's on each side for like 10 reps (there are girls that do that).

It is obvious he is on the juice, but what I don't get is even if he is on the juice how does one get that big w/o putting in much hard work at all. The only thing I can think of is maybe he busts his a$$ some other time when I am not there. If that is the case (which I don't see) then why would one waste their time with sets with light weight and not that many reps?

Another thing If I could work like he does and get that big and ripped, I would have the mentality that says if I work hard doing heavy compound movements and actually broke a sweat. Does steroids really make weightlifting this easy?

Like I said I am not being the crybaby saying "why can't I be as big as him" I try to only concern my results with myself. This is more of understanding why.