My job requires that I support moderate amounts of weight on/with my hand while maintaining at near 90 deg elbow flex. The duration and repetitiveness is of more concern than the weights involved, I think.

Mild pain began to set in a few weeks ago. The pain is non-localized and seems to emanate from the anterior portion of my elbow and radiates down my forearm. THe pain is MUCH worse in my right arm, and thus, I've been reducing its use at work.

I just got back from squatting and the pain in my right elbow and forearm is excruciating. It's dull and non-local, and nothing I do seems to alleviate it. There is mild "warmth" in my left arm too but its not nearly as severe. I"m going to take a few IBUprofen and see if that helps.

Are these classic symptoms of tendonitis? Will anti-inflammatory medications help is so? And is there some sort of a brace or wrap I might use to alleviate the problem?