Cutting sucks. Not seeing my lifts increase (and in some cases gradually decrease) is like torture. So, to help myself get through it, all I can really think about is how nice it will be when I start bulking again. I want to do a better job bulking this time as I feel the last time didn't go as well as it should have. That leads me to this post and this question.

Would you agree that the following are the 3 most important factors that play into an effective and successful bulk? (They are in order of importance.)

1. Taking in 500 excess calories.
2. Proper training. (Mostly big compound movements, with a focus on progression.)
3. The rest of your diet. (The right amounts of protein and fat, good sources of fat and carbs, good pwo nutrition, etc.)

Do you disagree with the order? Should something else be on the list? I want to make sure I have everything right this time around. Any thoughts, please let me know. Thanks.