Im 6'2 210, I got my bf checked a couple of weeks ago and it was 12 percent. I've been putting on weight and my back/shoulders/legs/arms have made a lot of progress but my chest isnt nearly as developed as the rest of my body. I know I need to lower my bf for my stomach to look smaller, that should make my chest look bigger. But even with a bf percentage that high my chest should look bigger. I see dudes with much bigger stomachs than mine (mine isnt even big) and their chests are killing mine.

My normal routine

3 to 4 sets of flat bench (12,10,8,6) reps
3 sets of incline (10,8,6)

3 sets of weighted dips, 10 reps a piece
3 sets of decline bench(10,8,6)

I also do either flat flys or incline flys with weights or ccables, 10 reps for 3 sets

Like I said everything is growing but my chest, so I think my diet and rest or decent. somebody please give me suggestions because chest is what I want to improve the most.

This past week I switched my routine, i used to work each body pat once a week, this week i did

Chest and Back- monday, thursday
legs and shoulders, tuesday an friday

do you think thats better for mass? Thanks