Hi guys.
The last 10 years or so i have been eating pretty bad, too the stage now that i cant really eat anything sweet because of my teeth and that i am getting fat and never had a six pack.
I am 23 years old in feb and i want to change.
My thing is even to this day i eat crap every day have prob 1 decent meal a day.

What i am inquiring to is if i trained 4 days a week on a bulk, and doing cardio twice a week, eating nothing unhealthy what so ever for 6 months and pushing myself each and every time.

What can i be looking at in 6 months time.

Stats at the moment - 23yo. 180 pounds - 5'10, 22%bf

I believe i can have a huge difference but i am wanting to see what you guys reckon i can achieve in 6 months.