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Thread: Becoming infection-proof. Impossible?

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    I went to every one of your sources. And yes silver has some interesting implications, but
    "Nail in the coffin of your bashing: Nanotechnology’s Latest Oncolytic Agent: Silver, Cancer & Infection Associations Part III"

    This article talks about the use of silver in cancer treatments and concludes with "More research needs to confirm the oncolytic role of Ag+."

    The source has advertisements for a colloidal silver generator on the left hand side of the page...
    Says that silver can be used as a disinfecting agent. A good source to justify further research on the implications of silver but not a very good source of information.

    If you are going to write articles you need more sources like your first one that is an actual scientific, published, article. You can't just write an article and not internally cite. The only source that seems to back up the large claims you make in your article is the one that is trying to sell machines that manufacture colloidal silver.
    Your first 42 listed sources are just copied from the article itself.
    These countless people were referred to as "The nobles" in the old countries. The richer people were given titles and were seen as "noble" by the rest of the peoples. And this supersitious view of their apparently superhuman resistance to plagues, infected wounds, rots and mold diseases was very warranted. These people had very little tooth decay. Their bodies rotted at a greatly slowed pace after their passing. They could get hit my arrows and swords going through and through their bodies multiple times in a single battle and somehow pull through while the more normal citizens were assured of dying from the least of such wounds. How did they do it? This is no mere legend, this is the basis of the political structure of the whole world for the last many centuries. Priests and "nobles" were seen as closer to god for these reasons while the plebe cowered in fear of such favor from the powers above.
    Where did you get this data from? I couldn't find anything like this in any of your sources.

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    Wow... gotta love faulty sources. Im glad someone went through and double checked those... This would not only be a fail in uni, but would probably result in expulsion.
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