Becoming infection-proof. Impossible?

We, as athletes, must be careful with diseases and infections. For steroid users, this need is increased by the vulnerability caused by both the hormone fluctuations and the repetitive injections we take our bodies through.

Injecting anything, even the best-sterilized gear, can cause microorganisms to enter the body and cause disease. And how unsurprising is it to catch the flu when cutting down, preparing for a show or just entering PCT? You hear it all the time. The reasons why are well understood, and the only commonly accepted ways to prevent these are proper nutrition and supplementation as well as plentiful rest and of course, avoiding overtraining. While this represents a best case scenario, it is obviously not always doable and even when all precautions are followed perfectly, getting sidetracked by health problems is very common.

This of course is without mentioning abcesses, which although rare, are the nightmare of all steroid users. Sterile (chemical) abcesses, while no fun in themselves, are not extremely damaging. They can often be removed by pulling the contents out with an empty syringe and a large 18ga needle. Nonsterile abcesses though are downright nightmarish. Fever comes quickly and medical care needs to be sought promptly, lest the infection spreads and life-threatening conditions arise. Those abcesses usually occur deep inside the muscle and require surgery that opens up the muscle belly and is closed by numerous stitches. Obviously, a whole season of training can easily be lost to such an abcess and muscle size, wrecked.

What's a man to do?

Well, what if I told you there's an old folk remedy that fell out of usage with the invention of antibiotics in the early 20th century. What if I told you that remedy kills any and all disease-causing organisms without causing any resistant strains to mutate contrary to normal antibiotics. What if I told you that this remedy has been used by countless people on a daily basis for thousands of years with no side-effects, only enhanced health and resistance to all pathogen-caused diseases?

These countless people were referred to as "The nobles" in the old countries. The richer people were given titles and were seen as "noble" by the rest of the peoples. And this supersitious view of their apparently superhuman resistance to plagues, infected wounds, rots and mold diseases was very warranted. These people had very little tooth decay. Their bodies rotted at a greatly slowed pace after their passing. They could get hit my arrows and swords going through and through their bodies multiple times in a single battle and somehow pull through while the more normal citizens were assured of dying from the least of such wounds. How did they do it? This is no mere legend, this is the basis of the political structure of the whole world for the last many centuries. Priests and "nobles" were seen as closer to god for these reasons while the plebe cowered in fear of such favor from the powers above.

How did they do it?

It is a well-documented fact that the richer classes all used silver utensils for food preparation and eating. This released silver nanoparticles in the food and in the body. It is a scientifically well-documented fact that silver nanoparticles inhibit the energy-production enzyme of all anaerobic microorganisms. Only anaerobic microorganisms cause disease. By being exposed to silver, the disease causing organisms undergo a simple starvation. No mutation ensues, just as it is not possible to mutate out of the need for food.

There's a catch: while all silver will do this, some forms of silver are more suited to internal use than others. For example, silver salts will killl the disease but will also cause argyria. Argyria is a silver deposit in the skin that turns it grey. While this is not an unhealthy condition, it is not necessarily what you want to look like. Getting rid of the silver deposited in the skin requires a cosmetic treatment. So while it is harmless, you want to avoid argyria. And because it is so scarce, as about only 5 cases have been documented in the 20th century, some physicians mistake the condition for cyanotic heart disease. It is not absolutely certain wether or not silver proteins cause argyria or not. To muddle things, silver proteins and silver salts are sometimes called "colloidal silver" whereas they are not the same thing. As with gear, you need to know you can trust your source or you may run into unforeseen problems.

What is known is that the colloidal form of silver, electrically-charged nanoparticles of silver in suspension in distilled water, do not cause argyria and kill off any disease-causing microorganisms quickly. It is also known that colloidal silver is the form in which it has been absorbed for countless centuries by the richer classes through the usage of silver implements in food preparation. This form of silver does build up in the body and when the concentrations reach a certain treshold, the blood turns a deep bluish purple instead of being red. Thence the "blue blood" moniker used to designate nobles of old.

How to use it?

Most colloidal silver comes in 20ppm (parts per million) suspension in distilled water. This suspension should be yellowish and have a slightly unpleasant metallic taste. The whole discussion of dosages here will be based on the 20ppm standard strength. Of course, half the quantity should be used if the solution is 40ppm or twice the amount if the solution is 10ppm.

You're sick and want to get rid of it in a jiffy? Gulp down 8oz of the stuff every day until the flu/cold/infection is gone.

You want to disease-proof yourself? Gulp down 4oz ED for 2 weeks, followed by 1oz ED for another 2 weeks. Maintain at 1 tbsp ED. If you know you are overtraining or starting the phase of a cycle where you tend to get sick easiest, bump up the dose for a while, just to be on the safe side.

Now of course if you do the above "maintenance" protocol for one month, I cannot guarantee that you are fully disease-proofed on the 32nd day. It all depends on the status of your immune system and what you are exposed to. Over time though, you'll find that the sick episodes are quickly vanishing. Colloidal silver is somewhat expensive. But then again, when you think of all the hard work you put into building yourself up and how much of that is lost over a bout of the flu, it isn't. The abcess insurance is a major plus, too. If you think of the cost of going to the doctor, getting a script for antibiotics and all that, you'll see that the colloidal silver pays for itself very nicely.