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Thread: Entering 7th year of bodybuilding

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    Entering 7th year of bodybuilding

    Hey fellas I am entering my 7th year of bodybuilding in January. I went from 132lbs in Jan 2000 to 198lbs currently at 5"9. Anyways I have a hard time putting on more weight. It seems like the more I lift, the more it becomes difficult to gain. I wanted some opinions from people on a good weightlifting routine. I have tried routines 1,2,and 3 posted on this site. Thanx.

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    I have been bodybuilding for about as long as you, 6 years, and I ran into the same problem. Eating enough, eating the right amounts, supplementing right, eating at the right time, I was doing everything right. This is just a suggestion, but it boosted me through my plateau. It may sound elementary, but go for 12-15 reps about 12-16 sets per bodypart. sets of 20 on squats helped my legs to start growig again. sets of 100 on the toe press for calves helped my calves out tremendously. If you have been training at low reps (4,6,8) try some higher reps. It seems counterintuative to do so, but it works.

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    If you are 198, ripped and are natural, you probably are nearing your cap. One of the best natural bodybuilders out there is Tom Venuto. I believe he is 5'8" and weighs in at ~185 for a contest weight.

    Of course, I really don't know what the cap is... Some people on this site have really went far. BCC (from this site) was pretty huge while he was natural and is now even larger!

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    You have a hard time putting on weight or muscle? If it's weight, then you're not eating enough. If it's muscle (as in you bulk, cut and there is little/no difference), then I would say you need to re-evaluate your diet.

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    ^ Word. If your trying to continue to gain weight, you are going to have to eat more. Of course it gets harder to put on weight the bigger you get. You have more muscle, which is expensive to maintain calorically, and a higher metabolism for the same reason.

    If the weight you're referring to having difficulty gaining is weight in your lifts, then it sounds like indeed it is time to change up your routine.
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