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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is kim i am male, 23, 6ft tall i weigh 15 stone and am just getting in to all of this i have brought some basic equipment to get started and have some literature on the way to start learning about the sport, i really want to loose some weight and build some muscle. I don't intend to become massive with muscle but would prefer to have a larger than average muscle mass and a lot of definition i probably want to weigh 15.5 stone or there abouts with little fat, so that gives you an idea of what my goal is.
    Basicaly i need advice, any advice you can give me, i have a rough idea of training scheduals i.e. 8 reps 3 sets for each exercise 3 -4 times a week but have no idea about whether or not i should take supplements or if there is anything else that will help me get started, should i be eating certain things and avoiding others etc is there any particular exercises that have worked well for people and are there any other tips to get started.

    any help is much appreciated and i hope everyone has a good christmas



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    Eat lean meats, fish, nuts, veggies, no trans fat, and a moderate amount of other fats (don't skimp on the fat though). Lots of protein. Very little sugar. Suppliments are not important until you have your diet straightened out.

    I'd do more weightlifting than cardio. Do lots of it. Repeat for months - years. Big compound movements are king. Cleans, dead lift, squat, t-bar row, etc.

    Read these boards frequently. Post frequently.

    Have fun!

    And where is it that weighs themselves in stone? Are they big stones or little stones?

    Edit: Oh - I see you're from England. Greets to the other side of the pond.
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    Compound movements are good. Bench press, squat, deadlift, pullups are a few. What does your diet look like now? What are you doing currently(workouts) if anything. Read through the stickies in this section as well as the diet and nutrition section. This will help us help you.
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