I am coming back from a sports-related shoulder injury and would really like to make some major gains in size and strength. I have designed a program for myself (with the following elements) and would like to get some feedback on what I might change/add/remove to make it better:

1) 3-5 Sets per exercise / 6-10 reps per set / increase weight each set

2) 4 Day split routine as day 1 = chest and triceps, day 2 = legs and biceps, day 3 = back and shoulders, day 4= REST

I have gone through two cycles of this and results from the last cycle were:

Day 1----
Flat Bench Press 10x85,10x95,10x105,6x115,5x115
Incline Bench Press 10x75,10x75,8x85,6x85,5x85
Decline Bench Press 10x90,8x100,8x100,6x110,6x110
Flat Bench Flys 10x30,10x30,8x40,6x40,6x40
Machine Flys 10x50,9x70,8x70,7x80,6x80
Close Grip Bench Press 10x45,10x55,8x55,7x55,6x55
Skull Crushers 10x35,10x45,8x45,6x45,5x45
Dips Press Machine 10x44,10x44,10x55,8x55,8x66

Day 2----
Squats 10x95,10x105,10x115,10x125,6x135
Leg Presses 10x90,10x180,10x180,10x180,7x200
Leg Extensions (Naut.) 10x70,10x80,10x90,10x100,8x110
Leg Curls (Pannatta) 10x55,10x66,6x77,6x77,6x77
Ham Flexor 10x40,10x40,10x40,6x50,6x50
Standing Calf Raises 10x100,10x140,10x180,10x220,10x260
Seated Calf Raises 10x45,10x95,10x135,10x145,10x150
Standing Straight Bar Curls 10x35,10x35,10x35,10x45,7x45
BB Preacher Curls 10x25,10x45,10x50,8x60,7x60
Cross-Body Hammer Curls 10x15,8x15,8x15,6x20,6x20
BB Wrist Curls 10x25,10x25,10x35,10x45,10x45
Reverse Wrist Curls 10x25,10x25,10x25,10x25,10x25

Day 3-----
Bent Over BB Rows 10x25,10x35,10x45,10x55,10x55
T-Bar Rows 10x25,10x35,9x45,6x50,7x50
Lateral Pulldowns 10x50,10x90,10x110,10x130,10x140
DB One Arm Rows 10x20,10x25,10x25,7x30,7x30
Shrugs 10x55,10x65,10x75,10x85,9x95
Military Press 12x40,10x50,10x60,9x80,7x90
Upright Rows 7x25,10x30,10x30,10x30,5x40
Front DB Raises 10x20,10x24,6x30,6x30,5x30
Lateral DB Raises 10x20,10x20,10x20,9x20,7x24
Reverse DB Raises 10x30,9x50,7x50,7x50,6x50

Thanks again for any suggestions you might have.