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Thread: Taking a week off...a few questions

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    Taking a week off...a few questions

    the last time I've taken a week off from lifting was in june, and I really didn't wanna take one off now but this seems to be the perfect week to do it. My gym will be closed christas eve and christmas day, my upper back/lower neck area is extremely sore for some reason (almost like a stiff neck but worse), and to top it off I'm sick (fever symptoms and achey all over). Its gonna kill me taking a week off especially since I've been making some decent gains in the last 3-4 weeks.

    My main question is how much being sick will impact my week off. I know you need to give your body a week to rest every once in a while, but will being sick during the rest week somehow make it a less beneficial rest period? And do you suggest taking a week off in the near future when I'm healthy? Thanks.
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    Because you're that sick, I would recommend taking a week off regardless. Just get plenty of rest and keep your calories up, and you'll be fine.

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    The reason you made some good gains could be because you were coming down with a cold. When you body detects the virus it releases extra hormones to try and fight it off. These hormones can affect your workouts and give you false gains.

    Don't train when you are ill. Not only do you put extra stress on your body when it needs all it energy to recover, but all the others training in the gym don't want to catch it.

    Keep the nutrition up, take in extra vit C and I think zinc too, to help your immune system.

    Go training when you feel 100%, and have a nice Christmas.

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    Take as much time as you need off.

    I'm recovering from surgery and I have to take 2 weeks off. Just keep protein intake HIGH.
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