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Thread: i need help with a lower ab workout

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    i need help with a lower ab workout

    i have been doing alot of crunches for like 4 months and my upper abs are ok but where my lower abs are suppost to be there is still fat. i have been trying to think of a good way to work them but i cant think of anything. (also if there are any other upper ab workouts i could be doing i would like that cause i am tired of crunches). but any kind of help is appritiated, thanks.

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    Your abs are one unit. You can't work parts of them. If you can't see your lower abs it is because they are covered with fat that you need to lose. Lower your body fat through diet to get them to show.
    Nick V

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    Weight + Crunches - Calories = Abs

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    ok true you probably have abs coverd in fat but there are exercisesthat will target them better like any type of leg raise (reverse crunches,throw downs,leg raises on a bench,hanging knee raises) v-ups,tuck ups,bicycles alldo all abbs russian twist are another one of my favorites as well as planks....I got a million ( wellclose) ask if you need any more or discriptions

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