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Thread: wow i think i am really outta shape...

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    wow i think i am really outta shape...

    today i went on the treadmill for 10 mins, about a 4.5 speed with a 4.9 incline after doin wbb1 leg workout, and i think i am outta shape. idk if it was cuz i did work out my legs before goin on, or if i am truly outta shape. i had this sharp pain on my left side below my ribs. what do u guys think...?
    Age: 19 Height: 5'11'', Weight: 185 BF: ~14-16%

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    Methinks you need HIIT.

    And, if you worked out properly, you shouldnt have lasted 5 mins on that treadmill after a leg day

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    The pain you feel below your ribcage is your diaphragm. The pain is caused because it is not contracting and relaxing normally, usually by short rapid breathes. Try to keep breathing in large amounts of air once you start getting tired. It helps me.

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