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Thread: Fool Proof Program Design by Jimmy Smith - December 27th 2006

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    Maybe this is too simple an analysis...but it does it really matter whether you use high reps or low reps for cutting?

    If you take in less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. I think we can all agree on that. Therefore the high reps/low reps is more or less an academic debate no?

    In regards to keeping muscle and recovery it should be the same. I doubt there is noticable difference between doing 5 sets of 5 and doing 5 sets of 15...all other things being the same. The fifteens are going to be noticably lighter than the five's but longer, thus stressing the muscle in a different way. In other words I don't believe you are going to burn more calories with one type of training enough to make a significant difference overall. Were that possible, we wouldn't need to diet that much. We'd simply train one way for mass and then the other way for cutting.

    You can train long or hard but generally not both. If you find that one type of training is more stressful extra rest days or taking in more calories on the days you train could alleviate that...or you could simply switch over correct?

    I've always been a fan of KISS (meaning not overthinking it)'s not rocket science. Train, eat and rest. If you hit a plateau work with those variables until you grow again or lose weight depending on your goals.. And the longer you train the more you should learn about how your body responds.

    Unless you are getting ready for a show, I don't see how this wouldn't work.

    But maybe I'm missing something...?
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