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Thread: Hit a plataeu

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    Hit a plataeu

    Well, it has been a while since I first came to this board. I started lifting 1 1/2 years ago and hit my first plateau within 5 months, I hit another 7 months later and now I have hit another. I need to get crazy to get things moving again. Currently, I do a routine that involves legs/abs, bi/back and shoulders chest. 6 sets of each muscle group, so that is 12 sets each workout. I need so new lifts to get things moving again.
    On a good note, I have gone from 188lbs with 18% body fat to 175lbs with 7% body fat since I started June 05. I have been 175lbs since last May. What to do?

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    I would like to add about 10lbs to my frame. I am 5'9". I am not trying to get huge. I kayak a lot and lead an extremely active lifestyle. I fish offshore for swordfish and tuna as well. I am cut. Just need 10lbs and a little more stregnth.

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    Built, I think I eat very well. I take in 200gms of protein a day, lots of complex carbs (pre and post workout), fruits, vegetables. Six meals and 4000 calories a day. What would you suggest?

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    i dont mean to step on any toes but when you hit a plateau a change in your workout is the first thing that came to mind for sounds like you eat enough protien but somtimes people just dont have enough calorie to gain weight

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    eat a lot more... 10 lbs of muscle is A LOT

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    If you're not gaining on that then clearly you need to eat more.
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    If you consistently eat 4000 cals a day and make no gains, you have discovered maintenance. You'll have to eat more. I suggest adding 500 calories to your day and seeing where that takes you.

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    The first two things to check is diet and overtrained.

    Also changing up training routine is recommended.
    Overtrained is probably why your experiencing a plataue.

    Take a week off and maintain a good diet.

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