I did crossfit for the first time today. Wooped my ass! haha

I'm going to give crossfit a try for a month (January) while on a cut and see if I can lean down. (Note: I lift mainly for vanity and have no desire to become "huge", athletic and lean is what I aim for, strength is a distant second)

I like to exercise 6 times a week. And no, for me thats not over training. I'm looking for about 10-12 "days" from crossfit. I haven't done and oly lifts and don't feel like starting. My gym is pretty basic. I don't have any gymnastic equipment.

I like days which take a longer time (25+ min) or are like "Complete as many rounds in 20min (or more)"

I've been searching through crossfit and have come up with these...

For time:
65 pound Thrusters, 50 reps
50 Pull-ups
65 pound Thrusters, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups
65 pound Thrusters, 20 reps
20 Pull-ups

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

note: I cant seem to reach any archives....