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    El Niño Pequeño Curl Jockey!

    Ok. I’m gonna keep a journal online now too! Yeaaaaa! I figure this way I can keep myself in check and be one super strict mofo. I figure about 8 weeks of super strict dieting and I will have a ripped 6 pack. I haven’t been strict for the past 2 weeks and have been b*ullshittin around too much. Even though I have been b*ullshittin around I’m still pretty lean and the veins on my biceps pop out nicely. Abs are sorta visible under good light(ha). Calfs are split down the middle too so I dunno what is up with that. Ok the diet will be NHE but I will have to do one week carb deplete completely and then I will carb-up wed. & sun. nights. Carb ups will be oats mostly. The problem with me is I’m really strict for a while then I look ripped and say fack it, I don’t have to be this strict!(hmmm...I wonder why I can’t get ripped 6pack then? Cuz too much f*ckin around and not being a strict good skool boy.) My training will be as
    Mon. OFF
    Thurs. Shoulders(heavy)/Chest(light)
    Sun. Chest(heavy)/Abs(heavy)

    I know what you are gonna say...chest and arms curl jockey! but they are lagging behind my f*cken back and shoulders! I have never done a routine like this. I have always given everypart equal work and now my arms are too small for my back. Besides when my pic is up in times square for the calvin klein ad or tommy hillfiger billboard you won’t be looking at my back! Hopefully on this routine my arms will catch up to the rest. Seriously though on the light days I won’t be going to failure and it’ll just be for a good pump for the given part. Legs will include squats of course. ATF squats. Tight. Oh yea and since I still can’t post at my crib I will post while in my computer class while I should be doing dumb a$$ powerpoint work. Laterz.
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    "In the grand scheme of things, both things are quite superficial(obsessed with being muscular&ripped and incredibly strong). And yet lifting can teach you so much. My time at the gym--at least when I'm lifting--is invariably the high-point of my day. There aren't any questions; I almost don't even think. I go into an almost meditative trance-like state. Day-to-day worries become insignificant. I'm focused solely on the weight, and my reason for existence is clear. To move the bar and to improve on what I accomplished last time. Seldom are things so simple." - Blood&Iron

    "Most people cannot understand what burns in our blood, the gym is our addiction and iron is our drug. People don't understand why we commit hours a day to a goal where progress is so small it seems immeasurable, why we do cardio instead of watch TV, why eat 6 meals a day, why we insist on ordering diet soda or how we can drink skim milk. Most people will simply never grasp why we refuse to settle for a mediocre body." - Severed Ties


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