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    It's been four months since I last posted. In that time I have worked out on and off. Now I am laid off for the next two or three months and have a lot of spare time. I need to get back into good overall shape while trying to add some weight to my lifts.

    Speedbag- fifteen minutes

    155 x 6
    155 x 6
    155 x 6

    Incline Bench
    255 x 6
    255 x 6
    255 x 6

    Core work
    Planks 3 sets for time
    Supermen 3 sets for time

    Overall a decent workout. Cleans were fast and more for technique. Bench was good. Speedbag was awful, but I haven't used in a long time. I still have to do cardio later today and heavy bag work. I am also working on putting a pull up bar in. At some point I want to buy a power rack, but the cheapest I can find is close to four hundred. Weight was 220.
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