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Thread: Chest & Abs Question.....(possible Injury)

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    Chest & Abs Question.....(possible Injury)

    I need some good opinions on my situation.
    I do not train abs on a regular basis like I should, but I do train them a couple times a month usually.
    Last Thursday I trained them decent. I didnít hit them hard, but good enough for me. Thursday went by and I was fine.
    I woke up Friday and was still fine. So I went to the gym to train my chest.
    I had an AWESOME chest day. I hit it hard from every angle and was lifting more than what I usually do. I would say that I did more volume with more weight as well (more than normal). Hereís where it gets bad for meÖ..
    After working out, my wife and I go to eat lunch. I would say that an hour went by after I lifted my last weight to the time we went to eat. When we get to the resteraunt I notice that my lower left to center of my ďbellyĒ area or what Iím going to call my ab area is VERY sore.
    So here I am on day 4 with a little improvement on how I feel.
    Some of the soreness has gone away, but I do still have some pain in that area.
    My question for all of you is, what do you think the problem is? What are the chances of a pulled or strained muscle in that area in just that location? Wouldnít the opposite location be sore as well?
    Do the abs get involved with heavy lifting when doing chest?
    Iím a big fan of supplements of course but I guess I am a little worried that maybe something internally is a little stressed out. Iím not sure what to think at this point, but I do hope that it is a pulled muscle or something like that. Thoughts & opinions would be appreciated.


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    it really depends what chest exercise you have done few very activate your abs but a few do
    what other things have you been doing as of training any type of cardio?
    I had a injury in this area and it was from over use of my hip flexors --it s was actually making my abs cramp up---so in short your abs could be compensating for another area that is over used or really really tight
    of course Im no doctor if it persists for over 3 or 4 weeks get it checked out

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    It would be a bit unusual to strain/pull an abdominal muscle without affecting the other side......but not outside the realm of possibility. Having said that, any asymmetric abdominal pain that persists (and is unexplained) probably deserves a formal medical evaluation.
    I know you're half-crazy, but I wish you'd go all the way.

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