So often I see threads with titles that can be paraphrased as: "CRAP! I hurt my shoulder!!" Let's work on avoiding these serious shoulder injuries in 2007!!

As seen in Sensei's Your Training/Competition Goals for 2007? thread, most people are either hoping to overcome an existing injury (predominately shoulder) or go the full year without any physical problems.

That said, I think we'd all find it useful to compile lists of movements that A) are most likely to cause a shoulder injury and B) are best to strengthen the shoulder so that injury can be avoided. I will update this first post habitually to reflect what has been said.

A movement that is safe when performed properly but is often executed in a dangerous manner will be marked with an "*"

-Regular font means a net of 1-3 people agree. Example, if 2 people put it on the list but one disagrees, this is a net of 1 person agreeing, since 2-1=1. (Now you can tell I was a math major, eh?)
-Bold font means a net of 4-7 people agree
-Italic font means a net of 8-14 people agree
-Bold italic font means a net of 15+ people agree

List A - Movements Likely to Cause Shoulder Problems (net votes):
1) Upright Rows (1)
2) Lateral/Front Raises* (1)
3) "Rolling the shoulder" Shrugs (Shoulders should only move up and down) (1)

List B - Movements Likely to Prevent Shoulder Problems (net votes):