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    Dante's New Start in 2007

    Hey All! My name is Ed and I have decided to finally start an online journal to keep track of my progress! 2007 is finally here and I have decided as my New Year's resolution, I want to start my path to becoming an amateur bodybuilder! I know this is going to take years, but I have the determination to become one of the best.

    Current Stats: 21 years old, 190lbs, 5' 11", 17-18% BF

    I started the WBB 1 Routine today and I am pretty exhausted. I didn't push out the numbers I wanted, but I am always looking to prove myself wrong. I have one year of solid weightlifting experience at a very nice university gym in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

    Flat Bench - 1X10 135 2X6 145
    Low incline Dumbell Press - 1X10 70 1X8 80
    Dips BW - 2X8
    Chinups BW - 2X6
    Deadlifts - 3X5 205
    Barbell Rows 3X10 165
    Shrugs 1X10 165

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far with my numerous questions about technique, diet, and everything else! I look forward to a very productive year!
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