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Thread: rapid weight loss~eat more, or less?

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    rapid weight loss~eat more, or less?

    im sort of witnessing a pretty big weight loss thing here. In a matter of a week, i have lost like three pounds. This was my goal, but at the same time im not sure it was all fat. i weigh 227 now, and my goal was 225, because this was the point where my abs could be seen.(according to my calculations in bf%) Dont get my wrong, i can definetly see my abs, but it is not the cut six pack like in the mags. How much further do yall think i should go? Is it safe to proceed like this, or do yall think i will burn up the hard-earned muscle? With the activity that i am doing, to sustain myself(no loss or gain) i need like 4000 cals. I have been eating 3000 cals, with cardio and lifting both three days a week. So the deficit is roughly 1500 calories each day. This is counting the activity, and basal metabolic rate increase due to the activity.
    Im afraid that i might be cutting into muscle, but i have no proof to back this up. I am strong as ever at the gym.

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    If you are experiencing rapid weight loss in conjuction with a severely caloric-restricted diet it is both fat and muscle that you are losing. More likely muscle since the body wants to hang onto fat in a starvation mode. I'd increase calories by about 500 and go as heavy as possible for a 5-6 rep range.

    As for getting abs like in the mags that is all diet. Trying to get a six pack fast though is a recipe for failure. Take your time. You don't want to have a six-pack and no muscle to speak of elsewhere do you?

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    Well that will not happen im a pretty big guy, but yea i see your point. I was told that so long as i give my body plenty of protein, that my body will be discouraged to go to my muscle for energy- and that if i was lifting, i will be telling my body to build rather than to feed off of muscle. If i up the cals, then i will be eating 3500 cals a day. That is alot, and argueably too much for dieting. it seems that way. Some people gain off of 3500 cals a day. I would much rather keep it at around 3000 each day, and if the rapid weight loss continues, then i will upthe calories.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Power, you're still not doing squats and deads, correct? What do you think is going to happen to your leg muscles on such a deficit and with all that cardio?

    What rep range do you use for your upper body work?

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