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Thread: platform deads

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    platform deads

    l never done them, how high should the platform be?

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    doesnt really matter depends how deep you wanna go...I have done them on somthing 2 20k buppers high and on somthing 1 10k bumper high

    we did them starting the deepesst and thruour workouts eventually worked up to pin lockouts so we worked all different areas of our deads...then we did a max!! it was fun

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    Why do you want to do deads off a platform - for hamstrings?

    Try Romanian deadlifts instead. Way more effective, no lower back strain.

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    You'd do platform DLs to add a little ROM to the movement and, the idea is, to increase your power off the floor.

    IMHO, you don't want to be using a platform any higher than 4".

    My form starts to deteriorate on the last set (405), but here's a video clip of a platform DL max effort day:
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    3-4" is key.

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    I just use 25's instead of 45's. Makes a big difference.
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