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Thread: Workout Routine and weight gain

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    Workout Routine and weight gain

    Let me give you my workout routine first and then you guys can answer my questions.

    Monday - Chest, Shoulder, Triceps, Abs
    Wednesday - Legs, Abs
    Friday - Back, Biceps, Abs

    I workout these days and take N-Large Protein. I have been doing weight for 4 months now. My first few months were awesome, my weight went up really good but now it has come to a stop. I was 125lbs and now i am 155lbs (5 7', small frame). Now days it just seems hard to gain weight for me, no matter what I eat.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    in the first few months you gain alot, but then gains start to taper off, and it gets harder. try changing around your routine, and mixing things up. That's a common way to overcome a sticking point. Also, you can't force feed muscle, so don't load up on a bunch of crap, just so you gain a pound,'ll just add on loads of fat.

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    kinda off topic, but i wouldnt really work abs 3 days a week

    a while back i posted about this and everyone seemed to agree that one day a week is enough for most might be over training them =\


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