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    Your Senior Year...

    I just want to know how everyones senior year went, im SUPPOSED to be in school but i keep F-ing staying home, i cant stand this year! especially with the new principal and queer classes.

    were you guys out alot? its very close to mid year and this is my 10th absence lol.

    my grades are good (ABC) except for eng and math, had a hard time with the past few math sections but this section is easy thank god.

    ..and i swear if my friend keeps busting my balls and calling me a lazy prick and saying im never gonna get certified for training im going to beat the hell out of him, thats why ALL I DO is sit and research classes, information, certifications, not to mention im reading 4 books AND asking around for as much help as i can.

    just because he has perfect attendance and got accepted to university of new haven doesnt mean he can bust my chops.
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