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Thread: West Coast Conditioning

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    Rob Schilke | GFX Designer thecityalive's Avatar
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    A strong session in the gym always shakes off any cold I get, but that's just me. Get your rest and recover, damn it.
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    Total: 1205 lbs.
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    Moderator joey54's Avatar
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    Let yourself recover and then get back after it.

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    Just get under the bar!

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    WBB Team Captain Coke's Avatar
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    Wish you well man, look forward to seeing you get back to it.

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    Senior Member KevinStarke's Avatar
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    Ljo - Hah, i'm tryin! I ended up going to the doctor and getting antibiotics. Turns out its a UR infection, still feelin like crap.

    TheCity - Usually that works for me too but it's more than a cold.

    Joey/Coke - Thanks fellas, coming up on 2 weeks now i've been out of the gym... feeling skinny and weak.

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    Paul killxswitch's Avatar
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    Get well soon. I want to see more of these awesome lifts you've been hitting.

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