Coke - Thanks man, the plyo's felt good.

Stump - Thanks big man.

ddegroff - Hopefully haha.

Roark - Thanks man. I honestly have no idea what they're called but one of the PT's at the gym I go to who actually knows his stuff showed me. I use the open squat rack and set the pins as high as they go which is about waist level for me. Then I walk aside the rack and raise my leg over the bar and after I pass both of them I turn around and do it with the next leg. Then once i'm done doing many rounds of that I put a barbell on the safety bars which are still set at top height (my waist). Then I stand on one side of the bar and and without moving the foot furthest from the bar I bend down and slide the other to the other side fo the bar and move my whole body under the bar to the other side and then do the opposite to get back. I do that for a couple sets and i'm good. Not sure if any of that made any sense... but thats what I do and it definitelly makes my hips feel better.