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Thread: I've been told 12 sets is overtraining, need advice

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    I've been told 12 sets is overtraining, need advice

    I've probably spent about 10 hours on these forums in the last couple of days looking at training tips etc. All very good information. I've tried to help out a bit too (only when I sort of knew what I was on about).

    I've finally sorted my diet out and I'm eating about 2500 - 3000 cals a day, and try and eat about 200g of protein. I used to eat about 1500 cals a day and wondered why I wasn't progressing.

    Basically, I have always performed about 12 sets per muscles group and I've been told this is overtraining big time.

    For example: My chest exercises are typically, 3 x Flat bench (BB), 3 x Dec Bench(DB), 3 x Incline (DB) and 3 x flys.

    I generally aim for 10 reps, 8 reps then 6 reps as the sets progress although I will mix it up and sometimes and just do heavy sets.

    Most people say this is too much but seem to be talking about training for power and say the 5x5 routine is brill. At the moment I wanna train for a bit of size, yes I do want to get stronger but that's not important at the moment.

    So what I am asking is, in order to gain a bit of size, should I train the way I am now or is it still overtraining for my goal. I now train each muscle group twice a week. I could get rid of the incline bench as the upper chest will prob be trained while doing shoulders.

    One things I'd like to say is I seem to have very good stamina. After each set I am hammered but after about 2 mins I'm fine to hammer out another set. My energy doesn't seem do depleat.
    Many thanks.
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