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Thread: Stiff neck and traps (crunched it at gym)

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    Stiff neck and traps (crunched it at gym)

    I was doing some military presses, and somehow managed to hurt my neck. That was on monday. All week it was a bit sore, but i found every morning when i wake up its worse. Today its pretty bad.

    What can i do?

    Heat? Ice? i'm taking advil for it and muscle relaxants, but its so sore.


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    See a doctor and take it easy for a bit.
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    yeah i get this sometimes when i do seated bb overhead. it usually goes away after abit.
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    You either pulled, pinched or tore a muscle back there. It happens when...

    1. you don't stretch
    2. you overexert yourself on a set
    3. you overwork the muscle

    I happened to me all the time while working out my back or shoulder presses. So following every sit, I stretch around, twist my back, etc to make sure it doesn't get stiff. Also, make sure you're isolating your shoulders when pressing up. If you're tensing your entire body to crank out a rep, it's more likely you're gonna tear something.

    Make sure when you sleep, you position your neck so that it doesn't provide any discomfort to the injured area. Don't try to stretch your neck, etc. You'll just end up exacerbating the damage. Best thing to do, is apply LOTS and LOTS of ice. The area is probably extremely inflamed right now and hot. I'd get ice cubes and just rub it vigorously all over the inflamed area. Then I'd just place ice packs on the bed and lie on it, so I also get the part of my back that I can't reach. Last time I tore my back, I did this about 3-4 times a day. The times I wasn't doing this, I had a heatback on my neck so it wouldn't get stiff.

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    Ive had that 3 days ago...I took it easy for the week, then im back to the gym in less than 2 hours ..i would take a little break if i was you, and maybe visit a doctor.
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