I'm in Japan of all places right now... here for a couple months, and I can't find dextrose/glucose anywhere. They don't sell the stuff as far as I can tell! No corn sugar, no maltodextrin, no malt extract... I found some Gatorade powder but it's a label that I don't think they have in America ("Gatorade Xtra") and it's produced by a local company called Suntory. When I got someone to read the ingredients to me they said sugar, then glucose, then sodium were the first 3 ingredients listed. So I assume sugar means sucrose. Lyle recommends glucose/glucose polymers after the Thursday workout, so it looks like this is primarily sucrose and lesser glucose. How bad is it for me to use this stuff after the Thursday workout?? I don't have time to ship anything from the States until at least next week's workout so should I go with the Japanese Gatorade or is there something else I can use?? Thanks.