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Thread: What makes a good middle or high school teacher?

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    This is what a teacher should do

    Topless teacher is suspended - SFW
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    Read A Fine Young Man. If you can apply the concepts of this book into the relationship you have with your male students you will go beyond being a teacher and act become a mentor.

    Also, there are two types of bad teachers:

    1) No classroom management skills
    2) Poor knowledge of the subject area

    If a student asks you a question and you aren't sure about the answer, be honest with them and let them know that it is a good question and that you will get back to them with the answer. Then write the question down and follow through with it when you can.

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    This is superold. But I think this is neat. I want to teach kindergarten but I think if I didn't love little kids so much I would want to teach high school. :]
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    Teach something that kids will remember. One of the only things I remember from my high school experience was my history class when we watched videos of the liberation of concentration camps. I probably remember more from that history class than all of my other classes combined. I also had a great English teacher that helped me become a good writer.

    Teach kids how to write, one of the most important things they'll take to college.
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    Right on ya'll (yes, texas). Since then, I have been doing even more soul-searching and thought about teaching computer classes. The cool thing is that it doesn't take tons of work to switch specialty areas. It does take a lot of work to switch from Elementary to High school. I'll probably hit high school. Kids tend to respect me cuz I'm tall. Soon I'll be tall AND big, lol.

    I'm about to finish my first semester back in school with a solid B average. Hopefully, I'll be done at the end of 2008.

    I may also like to help out with the weightlifting team.

    Keep up the great work, fellow teachers~!!!!
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    I hate teachers/professors who talk at me. Ask questions. Call on people. Let students speak.
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    Make learning fun!
    My chem profs are amazing this year. One would have a little experiment every week. We would all play with liquid nitrogen, group one metals in water (small explosion)... its about showing your really into it. Its like playing in a band... when one person really gets into it, it rubs off on everyone else.

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