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Thread: Creatine on a cut?

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    Creatine on a cut?

    Hi, long time lurker here

    I'm currently bulking, have been for the last two months. Put on about 15 pounds so far, and will continue to bulk until the first of march.

    Will creatine help maintain what I've created when I start cutting? Or would you recommend I start taking it now?

    Also, once you're off creatine do the gains made on it disappear? I appreciate you would see a drop in strength, but is creatine one of those things where you have to keep on taking it to maintain?

    thanks in advance, peace

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    keep taking it, 5g daily.
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    I would take it, creatine is great for cutting.
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    Yup it's fine.

    You'll lose some water weight once you stop taking it. If you keep lifting you wont lose the LBM.
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    iv just ordered some whey and now im going to start taking some creatine, want to see if anything even happens lol 5g daily

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    I am going to take creatine for the rest of my life like a vitamin. When I got sick and stopped taking it because I wasn't eating, my body shrunk from the loss of water weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Superman- View Post
    I am going to take creatine for the rest of my life like a vitamin. When I got sick and stopped taking it because I wasn't eating, my body shrunk from the loss of water weight.
    Same thing happened to me these last two weeks...

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    currently, i dont use creatine while cutting because of the water weight fluctuations. i bet if you could drink the same amount of water daily and not forget to take the creatine daily, there probably wouldnt be much change in WW except for the first few days. but me personally, i need to see the numbers coming down on the scale, and it discourages me when my weight goes up a few pounds on some days because of creatine, even though i know its water weight.
    i like to save it for bulking when i care less about my weight...


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