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Thread: Questions about burning calories...

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    Questions about burning calories...

    This is probably a really newbie question and I have tried to search the site for this topic however when you type in "burning calories" it comes up with over 1000 threads. Sorry I don't have that kind of time

    I know that you are burning calories 24/7 no matter what you are doing...just the amount of calories burning changes depending on what you are doing.

    So my question is how can you accurately (or even approx.) track your burned calories daily? So you know you are taking in less than you are burning...

    The reason I ask is because the diet plan I want to go on I would be taking in about 2750/daily and I want to make sure this is not to much!

    Thank you for your help everyone!!!
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    You can't really track your burned calories. There are simply too many variables and everyone is different. However, you can find your maintenance calories and stay consistent with your activity level (i.e. weightlifting) to guesstimate your caloric needs for the day. Your maintenance calories are the calories you can consume that won't make you lose or gain weight. Then you adjust your maintenance accordingly. Your maintenace can also change for various reasons (i.e. increased LBM).

    Nobody can tell you if 2,750 calories is too much or too little. You're going to have to find out via trial and error. Weigh yourself at the beginning of the week -- naked and first thing in the morning before you eat anything. Stick with 2,750 for a week. If you are not losing weight after that week is up, decrease your calories by 100-200 calories or so. So...let's say you're then taking in 2,550 for the week. If you start losing weight, stick with that caloric intake until you are no longer losing weight. Then decrease your calories again. It's a gradual process, but once you find the intake that gets you into the swing of things, it gets much easier.
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