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    Just completed my first day of modified WBB1.
    Up until now, I've pretty much done my own routine of full body and benched using Smith also.
    Moved onto proper bench and did Shrugs and Deads for the first time.

    This morning went something like this:

    Day 1: Chest + Back
    Flat bench
    Incline bench
    DB Rows

    Absolutely hammered after, but it felt good.
    Flat and Incline bench dropped by about 50lbs, but knew that would happen anyway from reading on here.

    Doing Leg day on wed and doing squats for the first time also.

    Bring it on!!!!, if I could only nail down this diet thing also :-(
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    Cmon you got it. If you put in the effort in the gym at least eat right!
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