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Thread: WBB1 - What % 1 rep max?

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    WBB1 - What % 1 rep max?


    Read a paper about people often estimating wrongly what feels like a heavy weight - i.e an erroneously low percentage of their 1 rep max.

    Keen to avoid this, and having not tested it for a while, i thought i'd try my i rep maxs.

    However, once i have them, what percentages should i use for WBB1 routine = 80%?

    Obviously as i've been using the programme recently this is partly just as a check.


    P.s - Ive lost the ref, but will hunt if anyone is interested

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    Your body doesn't know numbers, if you feel the strain on the last 2-3 reps you're using the right amount.

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    Start low and add weight until you hit your target rep range. There are calculators out there, but they aren't all that accurate.

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    So, is there no reccommendation on 6 reps (hypertrophy range) being something like 80% max?

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    what you are thinking of is using 100% of your muscles capability to find your 1 rep max is why people tend to estimate so low. its more of an issue with the nervous system being able to fire the muscle. this is why olympic lifters can be so small yet lift huge weights, because they have a very well adapted CNS (technique aside). so techinically, your 1 rep map max isnt your "true" 1 rep max, but until you train your nervous system more, just treat it as it.
    try and do the max weight you can for 2 reps, and then just say your 1 rep max is ~5-10 lbs more.

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