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Thread: Strength loss during a cut =/

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    Strength loss during a cut =/

    Yes, I know how to search, and yes I know there's been threads like this before, but I need some help.

    I'm pretty much ready to cut, but I just can't mentally make myself start. I keep putting it off and sayin, "Ok, 5 more pounds" or "I'll start the beginning of the next month." I know I have to get with it soon, as now I can really notice my body fat creeping up, but I just don't want to. Like other poeple, I'm so afraid I'm going to lose too much strength. I've come such a long ways and I now consider myself pretty strong compared to other guys my age, that I don't want to start cutting and see my lifts go backwards.

    I'm just curious, for all you guys that have run cuts before, did you lose much strength wise? Is it possible to really not lose any? Has anybody actually made small gains while on a cut?
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