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Thread: Excessive burping?

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    Excessive burping?

    Starting 2 days ago, all of the sudden I can't stop burping. I'll burp around 50-60 times an hour. Seriously. I'm just wondering what it could be? I just changed my diet up to drinking a lot more milk (3-4 times a day) and eating a lot of lean beef. I was thinking one of these might be the causes?

    Dunno. Any suggestions?

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    so you literally burp every minute?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryuage View Post
    so you literally burp every minute?
    Yea I seriously do. It's usually in bursts. Like 3 burps then stops for a couple minutes, then back.

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    How quickly do you drink things? If you drink too quickly there's the chance that you're swallowing air, and if you drink a lot throughout the day it could be perpetuating the problem.

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    Could be a little lactose intolerance?

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    How many days after you changed your diet did these symptoms begin to appear?
    Do take prescription medicine?
    Have you changed your sleeping patterns?
    Is there a particular part of the day where you burp more often than others?

    I am very interested in thread.
    After all, I do want to be a physician.
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