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Thread: Help With My Routine ..

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    Help With My Routine ..

    Hey ive been doing a routine for about 2 months or so now and ive been getting pretty good gains but because of my busy schedule i wanna cut it down to 3 days instead of 4 and also wanna throw in hangcleans for football but im not sure what day to put it in on. i also wanna change it from 3 x 5 to 4 x 5 but im not sure if this will lead to over training or not. my current routine is as follows :

    mon chest/tris/abs
    bench 3 x 5
    incline 3 x 5
    flys 3 x 5
    clap-push ups 3 x 15 (for explosiveness for football)
    dips 2 x 10
    skullcrushers superset into closegrip bench 3 x 10 (also for some explosiveness)
    rope pulldowns 3 x 5
    weighted decline crunches

    tues back
    deadlift 3 x 5
    pull ups 2 x max
    lat pulldowns 3 x 5
    cable rows 3 x 5
    1 arm rows 3 x 5
    t-bar rows 3 x 5
    shoulder shrugs 3 x 5

    weds rest

    thurs legs/chest/abs
    squat 3 x 5
    leg curls 3 x 5
    leg extensions 3 x 5
    db lunges 3 x 10
    calf raises 2 x 15
    bench 3 x 5
    incline 3 x 5

    friday shoulders/ bi's
    db press 3 x 5
    front raise 2 x 10
    lat raise 2 x 10
    truck drivers 2 x 10
    barbell curls 3 x 5
    hammer curls 2 x 5
    reverse curls 2 x 15

    sat + sun rest

    thanks in advance for any advice or comments
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    Take a look at Bill Starr's 5x5. Doesn't have hang cleans, but solid nonetheless. A good writeup is here:

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