so right now i'm 18, 6'3, 270ish pounds, and i won't lie, i have a gut, but my bf % is about 20% or under. i can bench the 90's for 5 reps, and considering my arms are almost 30 inches long, in my eyes that is pretty decent. i can squat 225 going parallel for probably 25 or 30 reps (not that i do this when i workout.) so thats an idea of my strength. i take 5g of creatine a day, and have been for about the last 6 months. i would love to get bigger and stronger, but i'm worried about my general health, like if i did add calories and gain mass how is my body going to respond to carrying around 300 pounds? my mother's side of the family has mild genetic heart problems. my diet is not bad at all, i drink 5 liters of h20 at the least a day, eat tons of fish and steak, veggies, nuts, milk, nuts, bananas, etc. i've been training for about 4 years, the first 2 i had no idea what i was doing (bench and curls every workout, a lot of us are guilty of this) but in the last 2 years i've been training hard, and i actually know what i'm doing. i've been on WBB1 for the last year. i'm at somewhat of a plateau, and i'm almost afraid to eat more. if it's alright if i put on weight and add mass without having to worry about extreme health problems, i'm going to buy the at large mass stack (and get the free t-shirt ) should i cut and get some of this fat off me then bulk or bulk now and cut later? any help is appreciated.