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Thread: Finishing My Basement

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    Finishing My Basement

    I figure there are some guys here that have done it themselves, helped their dad's do it and there are some guys that do construction.

    I am looking for some good ideas, especially for the floor, I was thinking ceramic tiles, but my wife wants carpet (we have young kids). Also was wondering if there are any common mistakes made or pitfalls that anyone knows of. Thanks.
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    Make sure that your basement isn't going to flood.

    We reconstructed our basement, putting down some laminit, new walls, and painting then the person that put the flooring in put a cap on our sewer line instead of the one way valve that was originally there.

    So we ended up have to replace half of the flooring, moldings and we still aren't done with the repainting.

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    I helped a friend who INSISTED on having a drywall (sheetrock) ceiling in his basement. I tried hard to talk him out of it, because if they ever need to run any electric or other service, they are screwed. Not to mention, doing drywall ceilings is atleast a two man job unless you rent one of those sizzor-jack thing-ama-bobs. Remember that your basement ceiling is the best place to run services to the upper floors.
    So, keep in mind, if you expect to have to do any electric, run it now before you put in your ceiling.
    I recommend accoustic tiles or drop ceiling tiles if you have the clearence.
    For the floor, carpet or rug is great if your basement never floods.
    If it is going to be a play area for the kids, you can even get rubber floors or floor tiles.
    Just a few thoughts.

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    i helped my dad do the electrical, framing, heating, plumbing and some other small jobs, in the basement. we hired a guy to do the drywall and the taping and sanding of the drywall because its a hard job. make sure you have vapor barrier on the walls and under any wood in the basement.(ie. when building inside walls, there needs to be vapor barrier under the wall). we've been at it for about 3 months and are just about done.
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    Of course drywall the walls , I'd drop ceiling the ceiling so it's easy to get to . I would carpet the floor , since basements are usually a little colder than the rest of the house tile would be a bad choice .

    Make sure you put more than enough outlets in (remember you can never have enough) they are invaluable when you need them .
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    I'm doing the same thing in about 3 months. Fortunately, my basement is semi-finished already. I'm going w/carpet.
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    There is allways the option of carpet tiles.

    In the event of a flood they can be pulled up to do work or can be replaced individually in the event of damage.

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