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Thread: Just wanna get something straight..

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    Just wanna get something straight..

    On a cut, you don't gain any muscle. But can you gain strength? I know you can mantain it but is that all?
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    You CAN gain muscle on a cut, but not much, particularly if you're unassisted and working beyond "newbie gains".

    You can definitely gain strength on a cut. Mostly through CNS adaptation as I understand these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Built View Post
    You can definitely gain strength on a cut. Mostly through CNS adaptation as I understand these things.
    Bingo bango. On the plus side, if you gain strength while on a cut you hold onto every god damn ounce of muscle you put on!

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    On a semi-related note: If you're still eating around maintenance but lifting heavy my impression is that you won't see much change in SIZE, but... does this reflect on strength too? Or will that still be able to increase?

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    I make strength gains well on maintanence.

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    I was on maintainance for a while, not much strength gain.
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    I've been at maintainance since I started my split early December.

    I'm trying to stay at the same weight while adding strength. It's worked out pretty well as I have put 20LBs on my bench, 20 squat, and a ton on deadlifts. Don't know about my deads since I was doing rack pulls before, but I was only doing 275 RP, and now I'm up to 310 deads for reps.

    Not bad for a month and a half, but I've been busting ass in the gym and haven't missed any days in the gym unless it was impossible for me to go.
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    Remember that after a cut you look bigger because you are more defined. I don't think that was your point, but just food for thought.

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    I've been maintaining my weight since September and I'm making HUGE strength gains!
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    i ate at or slightly below maintenance for about 5 years while lifting and i sure as hell saw some major strength gains
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