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Thread: Valentine's day, need womens advice :)

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    Valentine's day, need womens advice :)

    i wanted to know what to do for valentine's day with my girlfriend and i know all ppl think the best thing to do is,,buy her chocolat, flowers, teddy bears,make her dinner,,, but any moron can do that. i know today is not valentine's day but we had to reschedule cause she dances 5 till 10 my question is, what would you consider the perfect valentine's day?

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    spending quiet time with my mate just focusing on each other for awhile. talking, eating, all that stuff. a+ if he has some sort of smooth moves planned out, because that shows he took time out to think about a way to make me happy.
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    If she's a "dancer" at a gentlemens club.. don't bother. Those chicks can't commit
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