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Thread: Question regarding routine...

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    Question regarding routine...

    I'm 5'11'' - 188.0lbs. - 22-23% bodyfat.

    I'm going to be cutting for the next couple of months, my goal is to reach around 150lbs. at below 10%. I've been weightlifting regularly for a little over a year now.

    Would only working each muscle group once a week be enough? Or would it be better working then twice a week to convince my body to keep the muscle rather than fat. I've been trying a 4 day split...with 2-3 days in between muscle groups (I'm doing approx. 6 sets per muscle group (3 exercies, 2 sets each)...switching the exercises up a bit during the second day...I don't want to overtrain, but it doesn't seem like one day would be enough...I'd like to keep as much muscle as possible (I know...don't we all..)

    Monday - Back, Bis and Shoulders
    Wednesday - Chest, Tris and Legs

    Friday - Back, Bis and Shoulers
    Saturday - Chest, Tris and Legs
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    I was thinking of doing that (routine) myself but it's been a loooong time since I hit the iron so I followed advice given here and am following the WBB1 routine for now. Slightly modified.

    Seems you have trained regularly not too long ago so it seems that would work for you.


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    Looks like your routine will work for you, I like the twice a week rather than once a week.

    But do you have any cardio in your routine?

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    If you are going to work out 4 days a week, try:

    1: Upper
    2: Lower
    3: Upper
    4: Lower

    For example:

    1: Bench, militaries, rows, dips
    2: DL, GM's, lunges , db shrug
    3: db bench, incline bench, cable row, chins
    4: squat, sldl, reverse hypers, BB shrug
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    It seems like I would get a better workout the way I've been working on...considering upper body is chest, back (delts, lower, traps, lats), shoulders, arms (bicep..tricep) would be hard to get a good workout of all that in one upper session, wouldn't be easier to break it up into a session with the legs? It was easier to even out the amount of sets in each session by doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocco74 View Post
    But do you have any cardio in your routine?
    Yes I do, this is just for the weight lifting. There will usually be quite a bit of cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is why I tried to work the routine around those days. Sundays are complete rest.

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