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Thread: Help- why is my form all hosed up? (youtube)

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    Help- why is my form all hosed up? (youtube)

    I started on Rippetoe's 3*5 routine a few months ago (workout A: squat, bench, deadlift, B: squat, shoulder press, rows) and I've been making good progress. I videoed my squat and shoulder press today and I was horrified to find that despite following his instructions to the letter (or so I thought), my lifts looked nothing like the illustrations in his book or on

    What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it?


    Shoulder Press:

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your squat stance is much wider than the guy on exrx, but I think you are over analyzing things.

    Your breathing is wrong though, I felt like I was going to pass out listening to your breathing on the shoulder press =o

    And why is your video sideways?@!

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    I dont see whats wrong?
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    Hard to watch because of the angle, but your squat looked pretty good to me. You GMed a couple of the reps and the weight might have been shifting to your toes a little, but looked pretty good and it looked like you were hitting parallel.
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    Looks pretty good buddy. Do you always squat on your wall like that? ...angle of video made it hard to watch. Throw a 12" box under your ass and squat on that for awhile. Always cleans up my form when things get stupid.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah Sensei, it was the last set and my attention to form slipped a little bit, I'll keep an eye on that.

    Does it look to anyone else like my knees are travelling out too far over my toes?

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    Your form is fine. I don't know what you're worrying about.

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    Looks good to me too.

    No arched back on the presses, which is good, and squats look fine.
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    Don't post the same topic in multiple threads.

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    Thanks a LOT for the comments everyone, I feel a lot better about lifting alone now. Sorry about posting in multiple forums, mods please feel free to delete one of the threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiaran View Post
    Do you always squat on your wall like that?

    I think your form is good, O.G. poster!

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    looks fine to me man. work on your breathing abit and you should be fine.
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