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Thread: Quick question about diet on rest days.

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    Quick question about diet on rest days.

    I eat around 3,000 calories a day of really good food (over 1g protein per pound I weigh and adequate amounts of complex carbs) and lift mon, wed, thurs, and fri and was wondering if I should eat the same diet over the weekend when I'm not lifting? I was wondering if those calories/carbs would tend to go to fat since I wouldn't be lifting for a little over 2 full days. I've only been serious about lifting for 3 weeks now and am ironing out all the information kinks I have about it, thanks.

    Edit: I only weigh 160 pounds (haha) (just started lifting this month as I stated above)
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    yes. keep eating even on days you aren't lifting.
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    well that settles that hah

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    Your grow when resting. Your body will need to nutrients to build muscle.
    Nick V

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