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Thread: Recreation of a STEVE!!!

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    Recreation of a STEVE!!!

    So Here goes!

    This is attempt two at keeping a journal. My first was a bust for multiple reasons:

    1. I was dumb lol

    2. I was a much higher body fat, I weighed in the 220's, I wanted to be stronger so I kept bulking but was unhappy with my fat so my diet was bad and inconsistant.

    3. I was not as serious about Powerlifting as I am now.

    [/B]::THE STATS::[/B]

    Age: 16
    Weight: 173
    Height: 6'3
    lifting exp. 2 years

    I do not have my maxes as of now. My Bench max will be done on monday, squat tuesday and deadlift most likely on friday.

    February 10th / March 10th / April 10th (b-day )
    Bench 265 / 280 / 300

    squat 405 / 435 / 465

    Dead lift 365 / 395 / 420

    C&J 245 / 260 / 275

    to some these gains may be high...30 pounds in a month...but I gain very easily and quickly. It is just the goal I have to stay as lean as possible while gaining muscle that makes it a challenge. I am however at a body fat I am happy with so adding a little fat wont bother me like it used to (although my loose skin is annoying).


    Currently my diet is poor. Far too few calories. Around 1200 a day. I don't Know how my weight is staying where it is.

    a sample:

    Meal 1:
    2 egg whites (34 calories, 4 protein)
    1 slice turkey (30 calories, 5 protein)
    Total: 64 calories, 9 protein

    Meal 2 :
    Pure protein Bar (170 calories, 20 protein)
    Total: 170, 20 protein

    Meal 3:
    Wrap (50 calories )
    3 oz chicken breast (100 calories, 21 protein)
    1 slice no fat cheese (30 calories, 5 protein)
    BBQ sauce (15 calories)
    Total: 195 calories

    Meal 4:
    3 oz chicken breast (100 calories 21 protein)

    Meal 5
    6 oz chicken breast (200 calories 42 protein)
    broccoli (60 calories)

    snack allowance (just little crap thru out the day i eat) 100 calories

    that is actually only around 900 calories. Maybe my 1200 estimate was alittle too optimistic.

    I will however, to begin my bulk, move to 1150 calories a day (1000 calories with a 15% increase). I will stay here until the weight gain stops. then add 15% more. I figure small increases in these calories, mostly from lean protein will not put fat on me.

    Another problem I know I have is a lack of fats in my diet. I am starting to supplement with Fish oils.


    Whey protein
    Pure Creatine mono
    Fish oils
    Multi vitamin

    ::Extremely low reps:: I do weightlifting so I go for the 1rm

    Flat bench
    Incline bench
    Close Grip Bench
    Skull Crushers

    Dead lift

    Leg extentions

    Flat bench
    Incline bench
    close grip bench
    skull crushers

    Dead lift

    I know my routine is probably pretty screwy but I have had good results. Of Course I would appriciate suggestions to my Diet, supplementation and training as this is a learning forum. Its why I came here a long time ago and I still have a lot to learn.

    I am excited to get started on my bulk starting MONDAY! . I hope all goes well. I will post My daily Lifting journal as well as my diet.

    I will also Post better pics tomorow

    hope you all enjoy following me along my journey!

    ( I appologize if my spelling/ grammar is horrible)

    Lighting is horrible on these set will be outdoors
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